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Why Invest in Taiwan?

Why Invest in Taiwan?

Taiwan is one of the East Asian countries with a great potential for development, offering investors a great choice when it comes to investing their assets. Here are a few reasons why invest in Taiwan from our company formation advisors in Taiwan.

1. Taiwan has a great geographic location

Situated in the center of the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan takes advantage of a great geographic location which enables it to use global production resources and markets. This is a great advantage for companies looking to do business in this region.

The country is the Asian hub of transportation and the logistic center of the East Asian area, with an average flying time from its capital, Taipei, to seven of the most important cities in the Western Pacific region (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney) of less than three hours. If you want to immigrate to Taiwan, our team can help you. 

2. Advantageous government policies in Taiwan

In general, the local government has adopted different policies to make the business climate a friendly one, which is why entrepreneurs choose to invest in Taiwan. Regardless of the investment program that is suitable to you, prior to arriving here, you will have to take the necessary steps in order to obtain a residence permit in Taiwan

Concerning foreign investment, there are only a few restrictions set in place, which are limited to the strategic sectors like defense or energy.

Via the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, the Institute for Information Industry and the non-profit Industrial Technology and Research Institute, the country became friendly for small mid-size enterprises.

Our Taiwan company registration agents can help you set up a company in Taiwan, if you choose to do so.

3. Numerous tax incentives

Taiwan presents numerous tax incentives, which is an important reason why invest here, in our Taiwan company formation consultants’ opinion. 

For example, the business income tax has been lowered to 17% and businesses can offset up to 15% of their R&D expenses against their business income tax due for the current year.

There are tax incentives set in place for businesses in the biotechnology sector and there is a five-year tax break for private investments in major infrastructure projects, as well. At the same time, various business activities and the sale of specific products can be exempted from the payment of the VAT

If you need to know more reasons why invest in Taiwan, or for assistance to open a company in Taiwan, please get in touch with us.