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Virtual Office in Taiwan

Virtual Office in Taiwan

The numerous business options that exist in Taiwan make many foreign investors to start a company in this country. The virtual office is one of the multiple alternatives that are provided to entrepreneurs in order to have a business presence in Taiwan. Our specialists in company formation in Taiwan can explain to you the particularities of a virtual office in this area. 

Characteristics of the virtual office in Taiwan

When you decide to use a virtual office in Taiwan you need to be informed on the specific characteristics provided by this facility to your business. By discussing with one of our experts in company formation in Taiwan you can obtain an advantageous virtual office package for your company. Packages include the obtaining of a prestigious address that could become part of your company’s identity.

Moreover through a virtual office you could utilize adequate answering services such as phone calls, mails and faxes. Local phone numbers as well as mail collecting and forwarding services can be included in a virtual office package for our clients. Even if you opt for a virtual office, you will need accounting services for your company, which can be provided by accountants in Taiwan

A virtual office in Taiwan can be used in the registration procedure for any kind of business, regardless of the legal structure or size. If you want to open a company in Taiwan you can rely on our specialists in company registration in order to help you with the documentation and with speeding up the opening of your enterprise. 

Virtual Office Services offered by our Taiwan company registration experts

There are numerous advantages connected to the utilization of a virtual office in Taiwan. Regardless of the type of legal structure in which your enterprise is organized, you can profit of the facilities provided by one of our virtual office packages:

  •  Prestigious business address in any city in Taiwan, which allows you credibility and easy connection to your clients and partners – our lawyers in Taiwan can help you;
  •  Registered office, which you can employ in your application for company registration with the authorities;
  •  Mail collection and forwarding ;
  •  Incoming and outgoing faxes and a local phone number in Taiwan – the local number that you receive when employing a virtual office increases your accessibility on the local market;
  •  Voice mailbox – All voice messages will be forwarded towards our clients by email.
  •  Depending on the specific needs of your business a virtual office can offer you as well meeting rooms where you can occasionally conduct business meetings or other conferences relevant for your business activity. 

Feel free to contact our consultants in company formation in Taiwan for personalized assistance in the set-up of your company and utilization of a virtual office package. Our consultants will also help you in completing other steps related to the incorporation of a business; investors can also receive professional assistance on the procedure for VAT registration in Taiwan