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Top 5 Investment Industries in Taiwan

Top 5 Investment Industries in Taiwan

Different economic factors and industry conditions are playing as favorite parameters for entrepreneurs in Taiwan. SMBs are raising at important rates in revenues and volume. The country is registering smaller unemployment rates and the trade surplus is well maintained. In this article, our company formation advisors in Taiwan explain which the top five investment industries in Taiwan are.

1. IT and IC manufacturing in Taiwan

Famous for its PC and motherboard fabrication, Taiwan is also ranked as a top producer for all branches of the integrated circuit (IC) sector.

As a proof, the IC industry turnover in 2016 for this country reached USD 75.8 billion, being projected to increase by 3.5% in 2017.

The country is a world leader in IC fabrication, with 70% of the global market share. Taiwan is also the number one in IC packaging and testing, with expected revenues of USD 16.2 billion for 2017 and a worldwide market share of 55.5%. If you want to immigrate to Taiwan for the purpose of investing in these industries, you can rely on our team. 

2. Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

The country has registered numerous policy efforts to develop research, production and development abilities of the biotech industry.

This has resulted in generating a wealth of investment opportunities in the industry. The biotech research in the country’s top academic organizations is receiving international attention.

At the same time, the development abilities, increased through the joint industry and government support, are transforming these research achievements into products which prove to be commercially viable.

Our Taiwan company registration advisors can assist you to set up such a company in Taiwan.

3. Green sectors in Taiwan

Despite the fact that the country photovoltaic sector was ranked the second largest in terms of the international exports of PV-modules, Taiwan is also a latecomer in setting up a local market for green sectors.

The local authorities are planning to have renewable energy to account for 20% of the entire electricity produced by 2025, when the nuclear power will be phased-out. If you are interested in this sector and you want to arrive here for investments in green industries, please verify the immigration conditions and the steps for obtaining a residence permit in Taiwan

4. Telecommunication industry in Taiwan

The country provides numerous investment opportunities in the telecommunication industry, which is one of the top five investment industries in Taiwan, in our Taiwan company formation consultants’ opinion.

The increased penetration percentages in both fixed-line and mobile phone sectors have attracted high rates of increase in telecom products and services.

5. Machinery and machinery tooling

The country is also among the top producers in the world of machine tools and plastic and rubber machineries.

The product quality and reliability, a complex supply chain and cross sector industry integration are a few of the most important advantages in Taiwan.

If you would like to know more about the major industries in Taiwan, or for help to open a company in Taiwan, please contact us. Our representatives are ready to assist businessmen with advice on the tax system applicable to local businesses and can also help in completing the steps for VAT registration in Taiwan