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Taiwan Investment Visa

Taiwan Investment Visa

Foreigners can apply for the Taiwan investment visa and obtain it as long as they qualify under the conditions required for each visa type. At the moment, there are few options which refer to various types of investments in Taiwan, with various investment thresholds and specific requirements.   

In this article, our team of specialists in company formation in Taiwan will present a short description on the investment visas available for foreigners. Businessmen who want to open a company in Taiwan are invited to request in-depth information on the matters presented in this article, if they need to obtain a visa.    

Can foreigners obtain residency and a Taiwan investment visa?

Yes, foreign nationals are entitled to obtain residency in Taiwan and an investment visa, if they apply for the Taiwan resident visa. This visa type provides a set of advantages and thus, those who will open a company in Taiwan and will make the minimum investment, will also obtain the right of bringing their close family members to live in this country. Some of the main criteria of this visa type are the following:   

  • the foreign businessman has to invest at least USD 200,000 (or NT $6 million) and, in order to receive the right to arrive here, the investor will first have to pass an initial examination, concluded by the competent authorities;
  • since the moment when the application is completed, the investor will be able to relocate in Taiwan in a period of 6 to 9 months, provided that the visa will be granted;
  • if the investor has a family, the spouse can arrive here as well, but also the children of the couple with an age below 20 years old, as long as the children are not married;
  • under this type of Taiwan investment visa, the investor is required to live in this country for a period of at least 183 days per year;
  • the right to permanent residency will be granted only after 5 years, if the business is still active and if the person has lived at least 183 days per year in Taiwan in the 5 years since the visa was granted.   

According to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), applicants are allowed to complete the application for this visa from Taiwan or while being outside Taiwan. However, for each of the two situations, different procedures will apply. 

How can one obtain the Plum Blossom Card in Taiwan?

Another way to obtain the Taiwan investment visa is through the Plumb Blossom Card, which is an immigration document that can be issued for investments as well. The document is regulated under the rules of the Article 25 of the Immigration Act, the Article 41 of the Enforcement Rules of the Immigration Act, the Article 12 and Article 15 of the Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency and Permanent Residency Aliens.   

Under this, the Plum Blossom Card can be issued to those who intend to open a company in Taiwan or to those who have invested a certain amount in the Taiwanese society. The investment can be done in a non-for profit business as well, and one has to prove the creation of five local jobs that can have been maintained for a period of at least three years.   

The ability to invest in government bonds is also accepted, as long as the investment is of minimum NT$30 million. In order to obtain this type of Taiwan investment visa, foreigners have to complete an application form with the National Immigration Agency, working under the Ministry of the Interior.   

The applicant must provide their valid passport and pass a health examination. Here, the person will need to provide a health certificate that is issued by a hospital or a medical center in Taiwan. The document must be issued within maximum three months, calculated based on the date when the visa application is made.   

Medical certificates issued by medical centers from other countries are also accepted, as long as they are authenticated and certified by a Taiwan consular mission or embassy. For those who will be issued with the investment visa based on their investments in this country, additional documents will be necessary, and the full list of documents can be presented by our team of consultants in company registration in Taiwan.   

For instance, in this case, the applicants must provide documents attesting to their investment – the documents attesting to completing the process of company formation in Taiwan, the documents showing that the investment was approved by the competent authorities along with various supporting documents. For more details on the Taiwan investment visa, please refer to our team of specialists, where you can receive the necessary legal support.