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Taiwan Company Registration Guide

Taiwan Company Registration Guide

Taiwan is a country in which economic development and business growth are a visible reality. Many foreign investors choose the island of Taiwan to set up a company. Since the legal framework and the requirements might vary in Taiwan from the other places in the world, it is recommendable to seek assistance with the formation procedures for your business.

Our Taiwan company registration experts can help you gather the documents and apply to the relevant authorities so that you can easily establish your enterprise. If you need registration services, as well as accounting services, then the services of a CPA in Taiwan can be of help.    

What are the first steps in establishing a Taiwan company?

One of the preliminary steps in opening a company in Taiwan is to decide on the legal form that you want to employ and to find an office space. Depending on your needs, you can sign a tenancy agreement for an apartment or a building, or you may even look for a property for sale, which can suit your business requirements.   

Another important preliminary step for registration is to elaborate all the needed documents. The articles of association are a key file in the formation of a company, containing the internal rules of the enterprise, the objectives and the board structure. Our team of lawyers in Taiwan can help you elaborate these documents. 

One of our specialists in company formation in Taiwan can give you accurate information on the legal requirements for setting up a business in this region.  

The process of company registration in Taiwan

In order to have a company in Taiwan you need to reserve a name which has to be unique and relevant for your business profile and for your public in this region. The deposit of the initial capital must also be submitted into a bank account. Based on the confirmation from the bank you can continue your registration with the local authorities, for the establishment of your business. You can discuss with one of our consultants in order to help you prepare all the required documents. 

Taiwan provides to foreign investors a platform of the government open for the online registrations, but the language barrier might be a problem. The Bureau of Foreign Trade (MOEA) which holds on the Ministry of Economic Affairs, can physically receive your documents and check whether all the conditions are verified so that your business to function in this country. The application fee for registration is around 33 dollars (1000 TWD) and the process of reviewing your documents will not take more than one week. Additional steps are also necessary; local businesses must register for taxes, including for the VAT in Taiwan

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in company formation in Taiwan so that you can speed up the registration procedure and enter the local market as soon as possible.