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Starting an IT Company in Taiwan

Starting an IT Company in Taiwan

With a population which is half of Spain’s and a size which is one-fifth of Mexico’s, Taiwan still manages to manufacture nine out of ten of the laptop computers of the world. Taiwan first transformed itself from being an economy based on intensive labor to a high-tech powerhouse in the ‘80s. The companies which produce laptops in this country manufacture more than 90% of the laptops sold internationally, including those which are sold by top names in the IT industry.

One of the main advantages of the local IT market is that Taiwan has a population which is very interested in buying the latest products, which transforms it into a great ground for consumer acceptance of new gadgets like notebooks and phablets.

The E-commerce, mobile internet like games and apps, as well as the internet advertising, are developing rapidly in Taiwan.

In this article, our company formation agents in Taiwan explain a few aspects related to starting an IT company in Taiwan.

Setting up a business in Taiwan

One of the most important steps in starting an IT company in Taiwan is deciding on a business structure.

Most foreign investors or companies which want to establish a presence in Taiwan decide to set up a limited liability company.

The steps required to open such a company in Taiwan are:

  • Getting ready the documents, notarizing and certifying them;
  • Setting up a business address;
  • Choosing a name for the business;
  • Deciding and reserving the company name;
  • Preparing the seal of the business;
  • Opening a company bank account;
  • Choosing a person who can be responsible for the business.

Our Taiwan company formation consultants can assist you to open such a company in this country.

How to open a successful IT company in Taiwan

In order to open a successful IT business in Taiwan, our Taiwan company registration advisors recommend you to follow these guidelines:

  • Do your research and analyze the local market;
  • Work on your skills and services;
  • Make a business plan;
  • Get the necessary funding;
  • Set up a company in Taiwan.

If you have more queries about the IT industry in Taiwan, or for assistance to open a company in Taiwan, please speak to our friendly staff.