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Lawyers in Taiwan

Lawyers in Taiwan

If you are interested in starting the process of company formation in Taiwan, the assistance of a team of company incorporation specialists or local lawyers is always necessary. Not only because the lawyers in Taiwan or local incorporation specialists have an in-depth expertise in this legal activity, but also due to the fact that the registration steps are done in the local language, which is not very accessible to foreigners.   

This is why we highly recommend you to address to our team of specialists in company registration in Taiwan in case in you need to set up a business here. Of course, our team does not represent only foreign companies or investors, we can also provide legal assistance to foreign individuals arriving here for personal purposes, thus you can rely on our team for immigration matters as well.   

For more details concerning the legal services that you can obtain from our team of lawyers in Taiwan, we invite you to read the sections below. If you will need further details concerning the services provided here, you can simply address to our consultants.   

How can our lawyers in Taiwan help businesses?

If you want to open a company in Taiwan as a local citizen or resident, or if you are a foreign person who wants to invest in this country, you can easily rely on the services of our lawyers, who can help you in numerous ways. First, our team of lawyers in Taiwan can represent you throughout the entire process of Taiwan company formation.   

This refers to choosing a suitable company name, a legal entity, preparing the set of documents that are customarily required by the local institutions upon the registration of a company, obtaining business permits and licenses in accordance to the object of activity developed by your company, register your company’s trademark and others.   

Of course, our specialists will provide step-to-step representation for matters concerning the tax registration, social security and others; you can receive legal advice on the procedures that you have to apply when you will hire employees – this means that our company formation specialists in Taiwan can represent you in any employment matter, including litigation cases, where applicable.   

What is the data on lawyers in Taiwan? 

Being a lawyer in this jurisdiction means that an individual will have to graduate from a law school and obtain the necessary qualification for this profession. Lawyers will specialize in a specific legal branch – such as providing legal services for natural persons on matters concerning immigration, succession and inheritance, family law and others, in corporate law (opening a company, closing a company, mergers and acquisitions, litigations and so on) or in criminal law.   

Lawyers in Taiwan can become a part of the Taiwan Bar Association, an association created following the regulations of the Attorney Regulation Act. Lawyers become members of the association by membership admission, and they will remain a part of the association on a permanent basis, unless the lawyers want to cease their membership on a voluntary basis. Below, we present few highlights of this branch:   

  • the Taiwan Bar Association was founded in 1948;
  • at a national level, there are 16 branches of the Taiwan Bar Association, where lawyers in Taiwan can register;
  • the bar associations that have less than 50 members charge a membership fee of NT$10,000;
  • those that have between 50 and 100 members will charge a registration fee of NT$20,000;
  • all the branches of the Taiwan Bar Association will pay a small fee to the association of NT$ 100 per each member the local branch has;
  • in 2018, there were 10,320 lawyers in Taiwan who practiced this profession (accounting for both local lawyers and foreign lawyers registered in Taiwan).   

What are the main legal services available for natural persons? 

If you do not want to open a company in Taiwan, but you are rather interested in relocating here for various purposes, you can also be represented by our team. Our lawyers can help you obtain a visa and a residence permit in this country, based on the reason for which you want to relocate here.   

As a general rule, foreigners are entitled to arrive here for a wide range of reasons, such as for employment or reuniting with family members. One can immigrate to Taiwan for a short period of time for visiting purposes, and even in this case a visa will be necessary.   

For more details concerning company formation in Taiwan or for matters regulated under the Civil Law, we invite you to contact our team of consultants. Regardless of your inquiry, our specialists have the necessary legal experience to represent you in various legal matters and in the relation with the local authorities.