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Hire Taiwanese Workforce

Hire Taiwanese Workforce

The main laws and regulations which govern the working relations in Taiwan are the Labor Standards Act 1984 and the Employment Services Act 1992. As follows, our company formation advisors in Taiwan explain a few aspects pertaining hiring Taiwanese workforce.  

Foreign employee work policy in Taiwan

The main principle of the foreign worker introduction to effectuate physical work is regulated by the Article 42 of the Employment Services Act in this country.

In order to protect the local employees’ rights, though, the employment of foreign citizens is not allowed to deter the work opportunities and conditions of locals.

Thus, the foreign worker introduction adopts the strategy of restriction in quantity and in the sectors to preserve industrial operations and help with family nursing jobs.

There is also a policy communication platform which was started through the labor-capital-academy-politic social dialogue mechanism of a cross-border work policy consultation assembly. 

This assembly, which is coordinated with the local economic development needs and the employment situation, analyzes the correct foreign labor strategies to adopt the protection of the local employment rights and interests.

Our Taiwan company formation consultants can provide further information on this subject. We can also assist you to set up a company in Taiwan.  

Working conditions in Taiwan

At the present, the minimum wage in Taiwan is TWD 21,009 monthly and TWD 133 per hour.

An employee cannot work more than eight hours daily, not including overtime, and no more than 40 hours weekly.

He or she should have at least two days off every week, with one mandatory day off and one flexible rest day.

An employee is not allowed to agree to work on the mandatory rest day. He or she can, however, agree to work on the flexible rest day. In this case, higher overtime rates are paid.

Employees can select a compensatory leave or an overtime payment after their overtime work has been effectuated. Our Taiwan company registration consultants can offer more details on this subject.

The total working hours cannot be more than 12 hours daily, this including working hours and overtime hours. The maximum amount of overtime allowed at the present is 46 hours monthly.

If you need to know more about the Taiwanese workforce, or for help to open a company in Taiwan, feel free to get in touch with us.