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Establish a Subsidiary in Taiwan

Establish a Subsidiary in Taiwan

Subsidiaries in Taiwan are registered as companies according to the Company Law of Taiwan. Prior to setting up a subsidiary here, the parent company has to effectuate a background check for the company name which will be registered with the Commercial Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our company formation consultants in Taiwan can provide assistance related to setting up a subsidiary here.

Documents needed to set up a subsidiary in Taiwan

Opening a subsidiary in Taiwan is relatively simple and it requires a straightforward procedure. There are, though, certain aspects to take into account and certain procedures have to be followed. One of the legal requirements for starting a business here is to register for taxation purposes; this also involves the VAT and investors can receive advice from our specialists on the procedure for VAT registration in Taiwan

It is, therefore, recommended to seek the advice of reputed Taiwan company formation advisors when proceeding with such a business endeavor.

The documents needed to set up a subsidiary in Taiwan are:

  • An application form;
  • An approval letter for other organizations;
  • An application form for the business name verification;
  • Documents of the corporate organizations;
  • Copy of the business regulations;
  • Official meeting minutes of the shareholders or of the board of directors, in which it is required to receive permission to set up a business in Taiwan;
  • The notification letter for inward remittance and remittance purchase slips for working capital in Taiwan;
  • The power of attorney which designates the representative of the subsidiary in Taiwan;
  • The power of attorney from the subsidiary manager;
  • Other documents: our company registration agents in Taiwan can present all the relevant details related to these other documents.

Registration procedure for a subsidiary in Taiwan

In order to set up a subsidiary in Taiwan, the procedure involved has seven steps and it takes around 41 days. Our team can help you in this matter, and can also assist in the steps to immigrate to Taiwan

After the reservation of a Chinese name with the Department of Commerce, the power of attorney which designates the representative of the subsidiary and the copy of the certificate of incorporation have to be authorized and notarized. This process takes around 15 days. In order to be able to arrive here for business purposes, you will also need a residence permit in Taiwan

Our company formation representatives in Taiwan can provide all the necessary information related to the rest of the registration procedure of a subsidiary here.

If you would like to know more about subsidiaries in Taiwan, or for help if you intend to open a company in Taiwan, please speak to our friendly staff.